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Las Vegas based GorillaHead offers a blend of Power Rock that leaves you contemplating life & the pursuit of happiness. Their debut album “Savage Liberty” is filled with messages about the struggles of life, pure rock undertones that will send chills down your back and the high times of partying too hard.

Influenced by the dark side of Las Vegas and brought to life by the amazing sounds of crisp vocals, distorted Guitars, bone wrenching bass and creative drums.

Originally written songs supply the direct conduit from band to fan. Written from sorrow, elation, fearfullness, hope, despair, loneliness, success and defeat. Allowing you to “Feel” the music and interpret the lyrics, influencing your direct situations in life.

The more you listen and experience GorillaHead’s music, the clearer it becomes. Subtle expressions of emotion come to life with insane guitar rifts and blasting vocals.

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Savage Liberty
| January 31, 2015

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